New Resource! Church Outreach Email

In a recent article titled Kingdom Building, we heard from CA Advocate Rich MacStay on how he is working to “establish value by creating a common thread where we are helping the local churches or organizations achieve their Kingdom building goals.” Following in those footsteps we’d like to offer a new resource to equip you in reaching out to churches in your area.

The Church Outreach Email is a suggested template for an email to send to churches in your area. It contains a link to valuable resources for Churches interested in partnering with MAF.

Church Outreach Email

Short Term Overseas Opportunity

MAF currently has a short term volunteer opportunity in SE Asia. The time frame and duration are flexible. We are looking for someone with experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Electrical background-generating/solar systems, wiring, grounding, switching etc.
  • Welding/mechanical designer/fabricating to build carts, tools to help with the aviation operations.
  • Plumber – experience with pumps, wells etc.

If you, or someone you know, would be interested in this opportunity please contact Becky Lee at or (208) 498-0667.

Kingdom Building

“We are focused on Kingdom building and the necessary resources to complete the task are people’s time, talent and treasure!”- Mike Snodgrass

by Rich MacStay, CA Advocate

When I (Advocate Rich MacStay) saw the above statement it brought me pause.  Not in its accuracy because it is spot on, but because the challenges it brings us as Advocates.  More than once I have been told we are “taking a church’s resources away from the needs or goals of the local church.” We are seen as competition. Strategically, as Advocates, we need to position ourselves as a resource and partner, not as a competitor.  I have observed MAF through the years and how they have evolved and understand their defined role in the field.  They have learned to use their resources, which includes gifts inside and outside the organization, to create a synergy that executes their mission statement. I believe Ministry Awareness must mirror this approach.  Simply put, we must establish value by creating a common thread where we are helping the local churches or organizations achieve their Kingdom building goals.  By doing this we create partnerships that can ultimately achieve the Lord’s will.

The first way I am trying to bridge this gap is to broadcast a series of email blasts to local pastors addressing a focus offered by MAF (ie: technology, training, aviation, etc).  Knowing the churches already have existing mission programs, they may find value or a need within this content that will enhance their effort.

Secondly, before I meet with a pastor I check their website or FB page to learn more about their outreach efforts.  Then I adjust my presentation or phone conversation in a way that shows value or benefit to them. For example, recently I met Pastor de Jesus.  Looking at his FB page I came to the conclusion that he would be interested in information about our program affiliates in Mexico. When we met I presented the information he informed me his interest lies more in the technical side of MAF.  It did not matter that I had drawn the wrong conclusion of his interest. What was important was he knew I was trying to give information that would be of value and benefit to his church ministry.  As I talked of our technology and training efforts I mentioned Storyfire and showed him the training book I carry with me.  His eyes lit up and he said he wanted one to use in his children’s ministry.  His church goes to the Philippines to do mission work and this would be beneficial.  After additional conversations he has asked me to attend their regional Philippine church conference where multiple churches will be attending the all day conference.  All of which are part of my effort to simply plant Kingdom building seeds.

MAF Teen Aviation Adventure Camp

The MAF Teen Aviation Adventure Camp, conducted by experienced staff, introduces teens to the wonders of flight and the joy of using aviation as a tool to advance God’s kingdom. Campers, ages 14-18, participate in daily flights, project workshops, spiritually enriched discussions and other fun activities designed specifically for teens. The camp is located in Cascade, Idaho, about two hours from the MAF Headquarters in Nampa, Idaho. Transportation is available from MAF Headquarters to the Cascade Camp.

This camp is designed as an introduction to aviation especially for teens with a desire to pursue a career in missionary aviation or those curious to learn more about aviation in general. Due to the nature of this camp as an introduction, we will give priority to those with an interest in aviation.

  • Dates: July 10-16, 2016
  • Location: Cascade, ID
  • Cost: $595


If you have any questions regarding the camp you can contact Becky Lee, Volunteer Ministries Coordinator at: or by calling (208) 498-0667.

Tribute to Tom Porter

Tom Porter went to be with the Lord on Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016, at his home with his wife, Patsy, by his side. Tom had been diagnosed with acute leukemia in early January.

Tom began volunteering with MAF shortly after the organization arrived in Nampa in 2006. He became an MAF Ministry Advocate in 2008. He was very active, and visited a couple of our overseas programs to help with projects. Tom also spearheaded a partnership between the Lions Club and MAF that helped deliver eyeglasses to Africans in need.

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