Reflections on the MAF Day of Prayer

“Prayer is the foundation of every successful Christian endeavor”  – unknown

I have heard this quote from a number of sources, but whoever said it first, it originated with the Holy Spirit!  Prayer and its value is rarely disputed among believers.  The how-to’s, when to’s and how often to’s are discussed at length, but in the end, we all know how much we lean on a daily conversation with our Lord.

When the day of prayer for MAF was announced I put it on my calendar.  I appreciate the preparation of daily devotional videos leading up to the event, guiding us in a corporate but personal process. Click HERE to access the videos and audio recordings for the Half Day of Prayer at MAF. Thank you to all who made it happen.

As the day approached, I realized I was scheduled to be on a road trip headed to Texas from Wichita.  Perfect!  My rolling prayer room is one of my favorite ways to pray.  You see, I am a mover when I pray.  I walk, garden, do housework, fly and drive as I pray.  Yes, I pay attention when I need to and I am sure the Lord does not mind our conversation may be paused when needed.

Included in my packing was a printout of the prayer requests from around the world.  Again thanks to all for submitting, assembling and distributing these lists.  On this day, my drive was straight down I-35 and once out of town and on cruise control, I began.

Glancing down line by line, I prayed around the world for most of the drive.  I took breaks from time to time and caught up with the podcast Flight Following.  This just added fuel for prayer.  It was wonderful knowing others were praying, all time zones were being covered around the world and I was a part of some serious, global preparation.

In January 2018, I wrote about transition and it seemed to me MAF was entering a time of significant transition. Click HERE to read the article. As I prayed through the various items I was struck by how many had to do with transition. It is here:

  • People movement.  Furloughs, retirements, other life changes and new folks coming on board.
  • Leadership changes all over the globe.
  • Fleet transitions.  Airplanes retiring and new ones coming on.
  • Technology never stands still!

There is a LOT of change going on!  One constant, the mission to love on the isolated. To change their ending.  My prayer is this:

Isaiah 33:6 AMPC

And there shall be stability in your times, an abundance of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge; the reverent fear and worship of the Lord is your treasure and His.

One last thing, an action item for me:  I will print out a map of the places MAF serves.  Isolated people mean isolated places that I am still learning about.  I will use this map to pray on Friday as I lift up weekly prayer points.

It is a joy to pray with you!

By Nancy Cullen, MAF Advocate in Wichita, KS

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