Presentation Resources: A Story from Nyankunde

MAF in Nyankunde

Below is a story for you to use in your presentations. There is also a PowerPoint presentation of this story on the intranet. You can find it here:(CLICK HERE)

Pastor Samaite

This picture is not parents with their children. This is two couples who graduated from the Nyankunde Bible School. Pastor Samaite (pronounced Sam-atay) and his wife Ruta are in the middle. They are from a pygmy ethnic group. They are the first to graduate from the school among all their people.

Through the EDRC National Pastors Flying Fund, we were able to fly Samaite and Ruta to the closest area strip to their home area in the outskirts of the jungle to serve their people.

This year, they came back for a review with the school and MAF. We asked him the biggest challenge he is encountered. Samaite shared transportation is the biggest issue within their ministry.  To be able to move around to visit different pygmy villages they serve.

We have a project to buy motorcycles for pastors in the northern part of the country, so we asked him if this is an option. Samaite said a motorcycle wouldn’t work because he is unsure he could locate fuel for the motorcycle.

MAF Missionary Jon Cadd discovered the best option and asked the team to find Samaite a bicycle his size.

Most of us learned to ride a bike when we were very young or don’t even remember learning to ride. Our two brothers were tasked to teach Samaite to ride a bike. Jon Cadd took a video (shown in the powerpoint presentation) of Samaite learning to ride:

We are each a small but important part of this success. Praise the Lord for each link in the chain, serving here and there for the advancement of the gospel!

Pastor Samaite and his wife Ruta are the first pygmies to go through the Bible school in Nyankunde.

After graduation, their desire was to go back into their home area to start ministering to their people in their own language.

Through the EDRC National Pastors flying fund, we were able to fly them back to the closest airstrip to their home area.

After a year of ministry to his people, Samaite was able to come back to debrief with the school and with MAF and one of the challenges they faced was transportation.


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