It’s Here! 2019 Second Quarter AIR

Each quarter, the Advocate Wing takes a step back to acknowledge how God has used our Advocates! Each presentation you give, each one-on-one discussion you have, and each Ministry Opportunity Report (MOR) form you complete are evidence of God answering our prayer. The Advocate Wing Leadership Team prays for God to open doors for you to share MAF and He does!

Click HERE to check out the latest Advocate Impact Report for 2019!


Additional Notes!

  • Why are MOR’s so important? Click HERE to read Mike Snodgrass’ recent article on this topic!
  • Send in pictures!!!! A picture speaks a thousand words, as they say! We want to share how God is using our Advocates! Make sure you take pictures and send them our way for future reports! Email your photos and reference the corresponding Ministry Opportunity.



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