Introducing the Connect Box!

If you attended last year’s Summit, you heard a great talk by the Director of Tech Resources, Doug Harrison on “Technology” and the Connect Box (best quote: “planes are cool, tech gadgets are cool!”). In case you missed it, Doug’s talk can be seen here. He begins talking about technology at the 20:00 minute mark and specifically about the Connect Box at 20:50-24:43.

The Connect Box is one of the Creative Access Tools MAF has developed allowing resources like The Jesus Film, Bibles, and other evangelistic and discipleship materials in various languages to be shared with others without detection of its source. This is especially critical in Restricted Access Nations and was first developed at the request of an Iranian pastor. The Connect Box is a wireless access point making its content available for viewing and downloading without being connected to the Internet.  The small device fits in a backpack, a pocket, or even an empty soft drink cup and can go virtually undetected. The cost of the Connect Box is so low, should the user fear detection it can simply be thrown away prior to its discovery by anyone (especially hostile government and law officials).

You’ll probably agree that it’s fairly easy to share about MAF’s use of airplanes but when it comes to our use of technology, the conversation gets a little more difficult and generic. The Connect Box changes that! Technology is constantly around us and is embedded into our daily lives. People are very interested in hearing how technology can be used to further the gospel – especially in missions. To help you share the Connect Box (and technology) with others, we have Connect Boxes preloaded with Biblical resources in Persian, you can demonstrate in your presentations. They are available for $40 if you’d like to purchase one. We also have a few available as a shared resource at no charge. The Connect Box can be requested on the online Resource Order Form. A very compelling video explaining the Connect Box, instructions for use, and talking points are available on the Intranet in the Control Tower.

You do not need a Connect Box in order to share about it with others. Actually having the Connect Box allows you to give your audience a demonstration but alternatively, you can explain the box and use the talking points as part of your presentation. You can then challenge your listener(s) to help fund the Connect Box project; $40 will provide a unit and can have a far-reaching impact on the souls of isolated people!

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  1. How can I obtain more information about your Connect Box? I’m a volunteer engineer at SonSet Solutions (formerly HCJB Global Technology Center) in Elkhart, IN and we’ve been evaluating similar devices from other sources.

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