Extra Extra! Read All About it!  Alexis Adams named new manager for MAF Ministry Advocates 

I am overwhelmed with excitement to have this opportunity to partner more closely with my favorite MAF people – MAF Advocates! In early December Mike Snodgrass, previous Ministry Awareness Director announced there were changes coming January 1 to the structure of the Ministry Awareness at HQ. But rest assured, I’ve been through many changes with the Advocate Wing and this is the best one yet! 


A quick recap of the changes are 1) Susan Davis, former Western Region Advocate Manager has accepted a position in the Development Division as a Development Officer, 2) Martinah Brown, the former Ministry Awareness Assistant is continuing to provide wonderful service and support to the Advocate Wing and is also supporting the Marketing Department, 3) I, Alexis Adams, in addition to my role as the MAF Events Manager am leading Advocates. 


For those who may not be familiar with my history, I started with MAF as the Advocate Wing assistant in 2014. I journeyed with the Advocates as we grew to over 100 and as we transitioned into Ministry Awareness in 2016. In 2017, I accepted the position as Events Manager which allowed me to work face to face with Advocates at events. It has been such a blessing to lead and grow MAF events alongside you. 


2019 marked the beginning of a new Advocate and Events partnership with the first advocate led Experience MAF event! Illinois Advocate, Bill Koss, coordinated an exceptional event featuring flights in the Kodiak and a presentation from President & CEO David Holsten. This past year, we also saw an increase in Advocate involvement in other types of events ranging from homeschool conferences to international airshows. 


As we look toward 2020, I hope you will consider how together we can create a synergy to make MAF known from coast to coast. When we share about MAF we are the voice of the isolated and bring hope to those who have been cut of physically and spiritually from the healing of our Great Physician.  


I’m excited about our future together! I’m here to serve and am blessed to be serving such a wonderful team of Advocates! 


If you have any questions, concerns or ideas please don’t hesitate to contact me (aadams@maf.org), Craig (ctalsma@maf.org), or Dina (dparris@maf.org). 


By Alexis Adams

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