Building Your Prayer Team

All MAF missionaries in the field have great training, a home base, supporting churches and a number of people regularly pray for them and their ministry. As Advocates, we are missionaries in our own sphere of influence. Our base is our home and we have been through some great training as well. All we are missing is the most important part of our ministry – PRAYER PARTNERS!

Before I go any further, I must give credit to our Southern Regional Manager, Dina Parris for the idea of building a prayer team.  She encouraged me to build a personal prayer team. The size and composition of your team may vary based on several factors and can certainly change over time.  It could include family, friends, or your spouse but most importantly fellow Christian brothers and sisters, strong in the faith, who you respect and whose opinions you value and trust.

It’s important to be very intentional about your prayer team. Don’t just simply ask them to pray for you – meet with them, explain your Advocate ministry to them and the importance of MAF’s part in building God’s kingdom and very literally saving lives. You may want to make sure they get a copy of FlightWatch every quarter to see in action MAF is doing on an ongoing basis. I recommend everyone on your team sign a form you create outlining both their duties and responsibilities, as well as your part in reporting back to them on the events you have coming up.  Also vital is feedback on how the Lord has blessed previous events and answered specific prayers. The accountability between you and your team helps immensely to keep you on track. An added benefit is team members occasionally share a fresh perspective on problems or issues that arise.

My prayer team also helps me stay engaged and more focused on my efforts as an Advocate. The routine of regular communication and periodic updates effectively serves as a continuing review process in the direction and results of my efforts.  It’s also nice to get positive reinforcement from your team after events to keep you motivated as the months go by. As so clearly stated in Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”, that is the goal of a good prayer team.

Click HERE to access a sample Ministry Description for your Prayer Team members!

By Advocate Mark Harris

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