Advocate Resources and Ideas: Recruiting Opportunities to Exhibit MAF

MAF is always looking for new opportunities to share our ministry at mission conferences, airshows, aviation events and even medical mission conferences.  Many of the opportunities MAF gets to exhibit at an airshow or an event come from Advocates.  A lot of times, the exhibit fee for an event is more than MAF can afford. Amazing through connections with Advocates, MAF is offered reduced or even free exhibit fees!

Advocate Travis Fergurson from Dallas, Texas shared some great tips to Advocate Neil Chrisp in Nashville, TN.

You might find these helpful in your Advocate ministry as well!

Start with PRAYER and this premise: If God wants us there, He’ll provide a way, won’t He?

  • Ask the exhibit person the price of event fees. Then, ask if they do anything special for non-profits or offer a non-profit discount.
  • Ask if they have heard of MAF. If not, give share a quick story. You might send them a MAF video and a link to the MAF website.
  • If there are no discounts for non-profits, wait 30 days and then contact them again.  The answer may change!
  • Ask what happens if another vendor cancels. Sometimes there are no refunds and they might give you a free exhibit.
  • If they feel MAF’s name would be a big draw for the airshow advertising, that will help.
  • Do some research on their past events and learn about the person in charge. Look on Intelius and Google to see what their interests are.
  • Ask the types of exhibits they are interested in: interactive, student education, static airplane displays, etc. You can tailor your MAF exhibit to match their goals.
  • Look up the list of vendors for the event.  There may be a chance to share a table with a partner ministry or organization.  (ie. JAARS, Helimission, Ethnos 360, an Aviation school)
  • Sometimes Quest Aircraft or other dealers have a static display and allow a MAF table to share their space.
  • Check for a STEM-related area (build candy airplanes or use VR goggles)
  • Check for an EAA Chapter
  • Check with the FBO or local A&P’s for ideas and info
  • If it is a missions conference, find out what churches are involved.

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