Advocate Opportunity Ideas

In our role as MAF Advocates, we strive to partnerconnect, encourage, and effectively represent the ministry within (our) sphere of influence.”

So, with who do we connect, encourage and partner and who is in our sphere of influence? As it turns out, everyone! Advocates around the country have spoken to groups and individuals, philanthropic organizations and churches – often with wonderful results.

Here are a few ideas gleaned from Advocates:

  1. Church (yours, family and friends): Find churches mission leaders and Sunday school teachers to leave brochures and your card.
  2. Colleges: aviation-specific and regular, Christian and secular. Speak to department heads and career counselors. Find out about career days and if you could set up a display.
  3. High Schools, Middle Schools Elementary Schools, Christian and secular. Seek out career days, assemblies, and special event weeks. Speak to principals and guidance counselors at HS/MS.
  4. Subscribe to SocialFlight. Follow an EAA local chapter, a local airport FBO and/or flight training centers on social media. Explore Women in Aviation and other aviation organizations.
  5. Kiwanis Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, and retirement homes often need speakers.
  6. Home school centers, homeschool co-ops and home school websites.
  7. Post and share appropriate MAF items on social media.
  8. Anyone else you can think of! One young-at-heart Advocate hands out MAF flyers and pamphlets to bank tellers, his barber, store clerks and more. An Advocate airline pilot tells of being nicknamed Jungle Pilot for his enthusiastic telling of MAF’s story to fellow pilots, crew, and attendants!

A term often heard at MAF HQ as well as in the field is “Team.” We are not in this alone. Your Regional Managers, fellow Advocates, Mobilizers, and the wonderful support team at HQ are all available to partner or team up with you! If you have an idea for an event or opportunity but aren’t sure where to go with it, please do not hesitate to reach out!

~ Craig Talsma, Northeast Regional Manager ~ Advocate Wing


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