Jungle Pilots are Superheroes!

Smarter Every Day is a science-based channel created by a Christian, Destin Sandlin.  It has more than 3.6 million subscribers. Destin received a grant from Bill and Melinda Gates to produce a video to answer the question “What superpower would you want to have?” Destin wants to fly, and chose MAF to help explain his choice in a scientific way. Destin travelled to Nampa and spent time with chief pilot Brian Shepson and Aaron Bear, director of major funding and planned giving. Chris Burgess, editorial and content manager, helped with logistics.

Sandlin is an MAF supporter and also involved in founding an orphanage in Peru. His videos typically get between a half-million and two million viewers. Since it posted this morning it’s already had more than 16,000 views, so this is a cool thing for MAF. Please enjoy and share the video!

Health Benefits of Volunteering

A study by United Health Group & the Optum Institute found a direct link between volunteering and better physical, mental & emotional health. The below info graph highlights some of the positive statistics that study has managed to produce.

Amazon Smile

Just go to smile.amazon.com, sign in with your Amazon account,
and select a charity of choice: Mission Aviation Fellowship, of course!

Every time you purchase through Amazon Smile a percentage gets donated to MAF.

IHCF Medical Missions Seminar

by Keith Van Order

Last year, January 2015 was my first year to host a table at this event, which drew a large audience because Ebola survivor, Dr. Kent Brantly, was the main speaker. This year it appeared to be about half of last year’s attendees. I learned from another vendor that this was more of an average year. I spoke with about 20-30 people at the MAF table. The highlight was MAF Recruiter, Mark Williams, hosting an informative MAF presentation, which the audience seemed to really appreciate.  Travis Ferguson was kind enough to drop off and help set up the MAF table top display. He didn’t fly in on anything fancy like a Kodiak or Caravan……he had to drive……bummer.

Thank you all for your prayers! Thank you Travis and Mark for your assistance and time. It’s an honor and pleasure to serve alongside my MAF brothers & sisters!

Events for Church Mission Leaders

Calling All Church Mission Leaders!

Don’t miss these great 2016 events designed specifically for Church Mission Leaders.

OnMission is a free, virtual, 4-hour conference focused on issues and subjects relevant to church mission leaders. The virtual conference will highlight 20 speakers for 10 minutes each dealing with a unique aspect of missions related to churches.  It will take place on Wednesday, April 6th from 12:00-4:00pm ET. 

Registration is required.

Mission Leaders Conference 2016
Churches take a stronger, more purposeful role alongside mission agencies.
Resources beg to be released among burgeoning gospel movements worldwide.
A new generation advances the missionary endeavor with multicultural energy. 

Join us for a fresh focus on our UNITED opportunity to make disciples of all nations.  This year’s conference is scheduled for Sept 29 – Oct 1, 2016 in Louisville, Kentucky. 

For more details about the events or to register, please use the link below:

Comings & Goings

WELCOME! and You’ll Be Greatly Missed!

We are blessed to announce the addition of two new Advocates!

Nathan Eisfelder  lives in Indianapolis and became interested in the Advocate Wing when he met Scott Hillard at the Owensboro Air Show! Nathan is a Private Pilot, Instrument Rated, and holds an A & P certificate! In September, Nathan will marry Rebekah Hutson! Welcome!

Ken Robinson and his wife Esther are from Keizer, Oregon.  Ken has retired twice!  The first time, after he attained the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer in the US Navy.  The second time, from as the General Manager and Chief Engineer for Northwest Christian Broadcasting.  Ken also is a member of the Christian Motorcyclists Association.   He currently serves as a volunteer with his church’s media ministry.  He does the editing and uploading of Sunday services for television and internet.  Ken also loves aviation! Welcome!

You’ll Be Greatly Missed

Valerie Houser has served MAF for over 8 years! She is stepping down as an active Advocate to devote more time to the new ministry God is calling her – which is being “on call” for the needed care of her friends and family members. During her 8 years as an Advocate, Valerie faithfully pursued opportunities to share MAF at summer camps, pastor’s conferences, colleges, air shows, and many others. Valerie also holds the honor of being the first Advocate Coordinator for the Advocate Wing! Valerie says “being an MAF Advocate has been one of the greatest adventures and blessings of my life and I will be forever grateful for the privilege to be a part of the Advocate Wing.” Her gentle and passionate spirit will be greatly missed!

The Lord has given Jackie Williams a new calling!  Jackie feels the Lord calling her take a break from being an active Advocate.  Jackie joined the Advocate Wing in 2012.  A couple of years ago, she was contacted by her church to work in the office.  She loves the work and loves the people she works with.  At the church, they do a lot of conferences, equipping classes, training for ministries and amazing guest speakers, all of which require many hours of preparation.  It is incredibly rewarding for Jackie and she feels the Lord has called her to serve Him in the capacity for this season.  Please praise God alongside us for the time Jackie served as an Advocate and for her obedience to His calling. Her desire and faithfulness to serve will be greatly missed!

New and Improved! Ministry Awareness Resources

by Alexis Adams, Ministry Awareness Administrator

We are excited to announce New and Improved resources in the Control Tower!

In June, we launched the Control Tower on the MAF Intranet which includes all the tools you need to equip your ministry. We recently added two resources to the Control Tower you’ll find very exciting and much needed.

The first is a NEW! Events Calendar. This calendar includes current and upcoming events with MAF involvement. Simply click on the Events icon in the Control Tower to find out about events near you.


….or click here to find events NOW! Events Calendar

The second is an IMPROVED! Resource Order Form. If you like the old form, you’ll love the new one. If you didn’t like the old form, you’ll really love the new one. And if you’ve never used an order form, now’s your chance to experience the best. It’s user friendly and features all the supplies needed to take your Ministry Opportunities to the next level. You can find the link on the Control Tower in Tools/Resources.


…can’t wait? click here: Resource Order Form


As you browse through the Resource Order Form, be sure to check out the NEW and IMPROVED! Resources.

  1. Church Partnership Brochure – features opportunities for churches to partner with MAF.
  2. Church Bulletin Insert – features Ways to Serve by giving of time, talent and treasure.
  3. 2016 Fact Sheet – the year end reports and numbers are starting to hit the press!
  4. Vertical Display – the most requested resource has arrived! Easy roll up display featuring the great work of MAF and the people we serve.

Opportunities are Everywhere

by Susan Davis, Western Region Manager

While on his honeymoon in Hawaii, ID Advocate Marv Brown and his new wife, Kathy attended Sure Foundation Puna Church.  It is a community church that has been on the big island for about 25 years.  It is a church start affiliated with the Assembly of God, and is the largest church on the island of Hawaii.  The church is very mission minded.  They fund and operate a health ministry in the Northern provinces of the Philippines, plus many local programs.  After the service, Marv introduced himself to the Senior Pastor and the Mission Director.  Marv was able to spend about 30 minutes sharing MAF.  They both had a limited knowledge of MAF and their questions indicated they are eager to gain a greater understanding.  Their knowledge is from the End of the Spear and occasional press releases when something happens around the world.  Marv plans on keeping in touch with these fellows and their church.  Opportunities are everywhere, even when you are on vacation!

God Opens Doors to Sebring Expo

by Ministry Advocate Travis Ferguson, Arlington, TX

Florida Advocate Scott Schoonmaker and I had the privilege of representing MAF at the Sebring US Sport Aviation Expo January 21 – 23. The expo typically brings out about 18,000 people and hosts over a hundred vendors and fifty planes. Many people were exposed to MAF for the first time. The Lord blessed us with over 200 good conversations, including a conversation that may result in the donation of a Zenith 601 XL to MAF.  The event was a great success!

However, it’s no coincidence Scott and I were able to attend. God continually opened doors and paved the way. One big obstacle I faced was getting from my home in Arlington, TX to Sebring, FL and even if I could get there, I had no where to stay during the event and no transportation to and from the airport or the expo. I thought I might have to sleep under a bridge! Another obstacle was the cost of the vendor booth. This being MAF’s first time to this event, the investment of $750-$1000 to secure a vendor booth was not an option. Even though it seemed impossible, I remained willing and ready.

The first open door came when I was able to get free airline miles from a credit card offer which covered the cost of the flight. That’s about the time Scott began partnering with me. He was willing to pick me up from the airport and provide transportation to the expo. Scott also contacted a fellow friend in Christ who was excited to offer his travel trailer housed in Avon Park near Sebring. With travel and housing in place we just needed a vendor booth. Anyone have $1000 laying around?

God is Good! The expo coordinator contacted me saying they had a vendor cancel. With a “No Refund” policy it left a paid but vacant booth and they wanted to offer it to MAF. Yay! Praise the Lord!

Obstacles continued to arise. Due to weather, the event was cancelled for the day on Friday and closed early on Saturday. But nothing could squelch our spirits. Scott continued to be a great source of encouragement and knowing God had orchestrated our time together kept us flying high!