Ministry Opportunity Enhancer – Lifesavers

Next time you have an MAF table at event, consider adding mint Lifesavers to your table. When you share with others about MAF, you can offer them a Livesaver explaining “we, at MAF save lives.” The white mints really stand out on a red or black table cloth!

Raptim Humanitarian Travel

Do you ever get questions from churches or others asking if MAF can arrange travel for them from the states for a missions trip? Obviously, MAF does not arrange this type of travel, but we do have a great partner who can!

Raptim Humanitarian Travel is a travel agency that specifically serves humanitarian efforts. MAF is a client of theirs and often uses them to help arrange complicated overseas travel.

In addition to being their client, we have a marketing partnership with them. We will occasionally advertise their services with our supporters and they will advertise about MAF with their clients.

When you hear a group needs travel arranging services, I encourage you to tell them about Raptim Humanitarian Travel.

Raptim brochures are on the Resource Order Form under the “Misc” tab. (Fun fact – their general brochure actually has MAF in it!)

We also have a great partnership video you can find online!

I imagine you do not get this question very often – but when you do, I hope you will now feel equipped with a great way to answer.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Holly Syreen

Take a Tour!

Did you know we offer tours of the MAF HQ each weekday?  It’s true! Groups of 10 and under can sign up for a tour any day (Monday through Friday) at 9:30 am or 2:00 pm. We are able to accommodate larger groups with advance notice. We have several different highly qualified Tour Guides who provide outstanding educational tours. Each tour runs about 60-90 minutes, depending on people’s interested levels learning about all the different aspects of MAF. We love having people come through and being able to watch their amazement and excitement in seeing first-hand what the Lord is doing through MAF around the world.  Most people say at some point throughout the tour, “I had no idea….!” Our tours at MAF HQ are a great ministry opportunity, and we love giving tours to people who live locally, or those who are just passing through town.  As you are interacting with people where YOU live, please let them know that they can sign up for a tour with us and we’d love to see them!  Tour Information cards are now available on the Resource Order form under the “General” tab. Feel free to hand these out and encourage your contacts to stop by if they are close to Nampa Headquarters!


Doni Otremba – Volunteer Manager

MAF at McConnell AFB airshow

The McConnell AFB Open House in Wichita on Sept 8-9 was a fantastic opportunity to speak to a large number of people over two days.  We had over 1200 significant conversations explaining MAF’s mission and answering questions.  I personally was invited to speak to two home churches and schools. MAF’s involvement at the McConnell Open House was an amazing success.  We all had such a great time spending the weekend together as a team, talking to people at the open house and “working” with other MAFers.

We had Latin America Regional Director, Dave McCleery  brought one of MAF’s 206 airplanes. Also joining us were pre-fielder Eric Fagerland, Ministry Awareness Director Mike Snodgrass, Mobilizer Mark Williams and pre-fielder Dan Bristol. All came from different states to support the open house.  Wichita Advocates Nancy Cullen, Stu Rogerson, Zack Wilkinson, Howard Jordan and myself were there.

What a great team!  We were blessed with awesome people from different backgrounds and roles inside MAF that lent to a better experience for our “guests”.  The spirit of our team was noticeable.

We started planning this event about a year out.  Advocate Todd Wolfe called some contacts and got us linked up with MAJ Ryan Frost and Cheryl Kellogg (civilian).  Todd and I connected Dave McCleery with MAJ Frost to complete the paperwork for the arrival of an MAF Cessna 206 as a static display during the air show.  Dave did all the hard work on this front getting MAJ Frost what he needed.  The weather will always be a factor in bringing aircraft in for a show. Thankfully we had good weather!

The Advocate Team and the MAF staff came up with ideas and suggestions on who should or could be involved.  We got amazing support from everyone.  The Oculus (virtual reality goggles) was a huge hit!  We had a great time having people see an MAF flight.  I would definitely have this device at all our events.  Very cool.

Saturday evening we all got together to share a meal and fellowship.  Despite our low energy level, we really enjoyed talking and getting to know each other better.  I would include a time of fellowship in every event we do as we always need time together as followers of Jesus.  I truly felt joy in being able to work on this event with this team.  Thank you, Jesus!

By Advocate John Penny in Wichita, KS


Presidential Inauguration

Last month we were blessed at MAF Headquarters to come together with MAF Board members and local dignitaries to say farewell to John Boyd and officially welcome in our new President and CEO, David Holsten. Below are several videos and pictures from the event, which also included the dedication of our newest plane shortly headed to Papua. Please continue to lift up the Executive Leadership Team and the new CEO in prayer as they lead MAF.

Read more about the inauguration at General Aviation News or Mission Network News. 

President Introduction – David Holsten

Farewell Video – John Boyd


Represent MAF!

If you have attended the Advocate Summit, you’ve received a new MAF polo shirt. If you have not had the opportunity to attend a Summit, you may only have the MAF shirt you received in training. If you would like to purchase additional shirts, you may go to Land’s End Business Outfitters. The MAF logo is number 1280075. Land’s End has the correct MAF colors. You can also have the logo embroidered in all white.

Summit 2019

We are excited to announce the dates for 2019’s Advocate Summit!  Pull out your calendars and mark June 12th through the 14th. We will start the Summit off Wednesday evening with a Welcome Dinner and pack the next two days full of fantastic speakers! We look forward to seeing you there!