Summit 2019 – Registration Opening SOON!

It’s ALMOST time to sign up for Advocate Summit 2019! Watch for an email from your Regional Manager.  On Monday, March 11th, they are sending you a link to register.

Things you need to know:

  • Registration fee: $50 per person
  • Summit begins with dinner Wednesday evening, the 12th of June, and ends after dinner Friday, the 14th
  • All housing and meals are included with your registration. Onsite housing is available on a first-come-first-serve basis, so register as soon as possible!
  • We provide airport transportation. Let us know when you get your travel plans finalized!


Greetings from Salatiga

Please see the below update from Joyce Lin. Joyce will be serving as a Pilot and IT Specialist in Indonesia.

Hi friends,

Unit 6 (of 8) started this past week in language school and language learning is continuing to go well. Every once in a while when I’m talking to my neighbors, I realize I’m understanding every word in the conversation!

I recently made a video (click HERE to watch) that I’d like to share with you. I think videos are often more effective than words or photos for communicating what life has been like lately. In this video, I introduce you to my neighbors, my school, and my city. You can also hear me speak Indonesian and watch as I ride my motorcycle around town! Hope you enjoy it.


One of the best Super Bowl parties in recent memory, even though we watched the game after it had been over for hours, we watched the commercials on Youtube, and no one had any appropriate Patriots or Rams gear (although there were one Colts jersey and one Packers t-shirt in attendance.)


Meet Atalie Snyder from Tech Resources!

Hello Advocates!

My name is Atalie Snyder. I am the Communications Liaison for the Tech Resources Department in Nampa. If you were to inquire about me, I would tell you I am a quirky, high-energy people-person who loves Indian food, learning, hiking, art history, traveling, personality tests and especially the amazing country of Israel! I am currently in graduate school working towards a Master’s degree in Global Leadership, and I hope to work in many nonprofit contexts supporting the spread of the gospel.

Why do you need to know who I am? It’s because I support MAF Tech Department’s communication, mobilizing, marketing, event planning and external reach! I work alongside college professors for Senior Capstone projects, I bring awareness to the context of technology used in missions, and I reach out to many people to explore if they feel called to serve missions using their skills in technology. I am your resource to learn all about how technology fits in the context of MAF! I am here to partner with you in any and every way possible with everything you need to know about technology.

I know work closely with colleges, churches and events, and I want to support your knowledge and awareness of the tech side of things at MAF. Have a question, need a video or a brochure? Feel free to reach out to me.  I am excited to partner with you as we spread awareness and share the mission of MAF.

Atalie Snyder, TR Liaison


Phone: (208) 498-0736

Dealing with Fear

For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. ~ Isaiah 41:13

What Is Fear?  Whether we are aware of it or not, all of us deal with it daily in some form or another.  It comes in many forms and straddles a range of emotion and expression:

Dread                                                    Anxiety                                                Intimidation

Terror                                                    Fright                                                   Panic

Alarm                                                    Horror                                                  Dismay

Worry                                                    Paranoia                                             Pressure


Acknowledging its various fronts can help identify when fear is present, lurking in the shadows.


A statement made in a presentation some years ago jumped out at me:  “all pressure is fear based”.  That was one of those, raise an eyebrow, stop and think about it moments.  ALL pressure? Really?

Being a type A,  who worked 30+ years in air traffic, I am well acquainted with pressure.  In fact, I prided myself when “works well under pressure” was marked “yes” on my annual evaluations.  I mean, how can one BE an air traffic controller and not face pressure daily?

I also used self-imposed pressure to get more done, to motivate myself.  Was I really yielding to fear in all this?  I know there is not a thing wrong with deadlines, achieving and getting things done.  The sense of a job well done is a good thing.  Yet, as I thought about this statement, it made me go deeper thinking this pressure/fear thing through.

What Is Fear?  –  It’s Origin

I was alarmed I might be unwittingly yielding to fear.  As Christians, we know fear was not a part of creation.  Its appearance in Genesis after Adam listened to Satan and disobeyed God led Adam to hide from God when He called for their daily walk.

When God asked Adam why he was hiding, Adam said:  “I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid….and I hid”.  Fear in all forms and derivatives became a part of the human experience.  Talk about a choice with consequences – thanks, Adam.

I am not interested in being a part of anything rooted in evil.  Thus, my dismay at the statement on pressure.  I began to look at pressure with new eyes and instead of letting it guide me, I looked for the fear behind it.

  • Is it time pressure?  Fear of not keeping my word on a deadline, even to myself.
  • Is it pressure in finances?  Fear of lack or losing face regarding obligations agreed to.
  • Is it pressure from my spouse?  Fear of not being all I want to be as a partner.

You get the idea.  I made a shift:  instead of responding to the pressure, I took a faith stand against fear.

What Is Fear?  – The Antidote

There is only one real cure to the fear issue.  Placing one’s faith in the plan formed in love before creation.  You see, this whole Adam thing did not catch God off guard.  He didn’t have to come up with a plan in response to Adam’s choice.

Scripture indicates in multiple places God had a plan in place before He began creating.  Jesus volunteered to enter this fear-laden realm and make a way back out of Adam’s devastating choice.  We know choice remains with each person.

Can one skip making this choice and live truly free from fear?  In a word, no.  One can try to:

  • manage it
  • compartmentalize it
  • tame it
  • suppress it
  • retreat to a corner that feels safe

and even use it, as I did dealing with pressure, but fear remains unless dealt with.

Live Free From Fear

I assume that those reading this have committed their life to Jesus.  Yet there are several aspects to live free from fear:

First, recognize fear.  Is it worry about a family issue, anxiety about finances, fear of flying?  (Gasp! in MAF?).  The list and variations could go on and on.  You are the only one who can truly identify this.  Those close to you can help.  If needed a pastor or a counselor are other resources to help.

Be aware, most of the time, fear feels normal!  I mean who doesn’t worry about their kids?  Have pressure about money?  Dread doing taxes?  Be anxious about getting older?   When thought is truly given to this, you may be stunned at all the places fear hides.

Second, separate fear from the responsibility.  This is an important distinction.  “Casting all your care upon him; for he cares for you.”  We are not to be full of care (another word for pressure), but we DO have responsibilities in this life.

Sorting out which is which is vital.  Loving and tending to our families is a responsibility.  Worry tosses the whole thing into the fear realm and will weaken faith.

Third, refuse to fear.  Here is the truth:  “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”   Love NEVER fails and Perfect love casts out all fear.  Speak and meditate these truths, it will sort things out in one’s mind.

What Is Fear? It May Be Chemistry

I am NOT medically trained in any way shape or form.   Yet, it is known certain nutritional deficiencies may contribute to chemical imbalances in the body.  Trauma can contribute to these imbalances.   These may trigger some forms of fear.

I have one personal example.  Discovered, through genetic testing, was variant which did not allow the adsorption of the synthetic form of a certain B-vitamin in our family line.  The symptoms of lack of this particular vitamin include subtle forms of paranoia, dread, etc. etc.  Always having taken natural source vitamins, when I discovered that one of my supplements contained the synthetic version, I immediately switched.

I was stunned when, after a few days, I felt a shadow or cloud lift off of me.  I will say because I knew and stood on the truths outlined above, this had not affected me overtly, BUT it is nice to have that cloud (that I was not fully aware of) liftoff.

What Is Fear? – The Spectrum

Fear is rooted in evil and thus carries the full range of “in your face” out-and-out terror to subtle daily pressure.   Fear will not diminish on its own, but rather will grow if allowed to.  Like a noxious weed, cutting it off above ground will only encourage more vigorous growth.

I know MAF is a loving, supportive, praying community.  I also know MAF people everywhere are exposed to trauma of all kinds while getting critical assignments done.  Whether having to evacuate during a crisis on the mission field or other unexpected trauma, fear lurks in the shadows looking for opportunity.

As advocates, while recognizing and dealing with our own daily pressures and the fear that fuels it, we can use that process to pray for those “out there” to see and deal with fear at its roots.  For anyone reading this, if you need help, get it.  The Kingdom needs you!  We need you!  You are Loved!

By Nancy Cullen, MAF Advocate in Wichita, KS


Advocate Resources and Ideas: Recruiting Opportunities to Exhibit MAF

MAF is always looking for new opportunities to share our ministry at mission conferences, airshows, aviation events and even medical mission conferences.  Many of the opportunities MAF gets to exhibit at an airshow or an event come from Advocates.  A lot of times, the exhibit fee for an event is more than MAF can afford. Amazing through connections with Advocates, MAF is offered reduced or even free exhibit fees!

Advocate Travis Fergurson from Dallas, Texas shared some great tips to Advocate Neil Chrisp in Nashville, TN.

You might find these helpful in your Advocate ministry as well!

Start with PRAYER and this premise: If God wants us there, He’ll provide a way, won’t He?

  • Ask the exhibit person the price of event fees. Then, ask if they do anything special for non-profits or offer a non-profit discount.
  • Ask if they have heard of MAF. If not, give share a quick story. You might send them a MAF video and a link to the MAF website.
  • If there are no discounts for non-profits, wait 30 days and then contact them again.  The answer may change!
  • Ask what happens if another vendor cancels. Sometimes there are no refunds and they might give you a free exhibit.
  • If they feel MAF’s name would be a big draw for the airshow advertising, that will help.
  • Do some research on their past events and learn about the person in charge. Look on Intelius and Google to see what their interests are.
  • Ask the types of exhibits they are interested in: interactive, student education, static airplane displays, etc. You can tailor your MAF exhibit to match their goals.
  • Look up the list of vendors for the event.  There may be a chance to share a table with a partner ministry or organization.  (ie. JAARS, Helimission, Ethnos 360, an Aviation school)
  • Sometimes Quest Aircraft or other dealers have a static display and allow a MAF table to share their space.
  • Check for a STEM-related area (build candy airplanes or use VR goggles)
  • Check for an EAA Chapter
  • Check with the FBO or local A&P’s for ideas and info
  • If it is a missions conference, find out what churches are involved.

God is Faithful

“Know therefore that the Lord your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commandments.”  ~Deuteronomy 7:9

Late in 2016 my wife and I moved from our home country of Australia, coming across the big pond to the United States to be closer to our two adult children and grandchildren.

I found a job at FlightSafety, a pilot training organisation in Dallas, TX, equidistant from the two families.

A couple of days in, after I had met all the managers and co-workers on the “must know” list, I was chatting with another employee in the break room.

As is common in aviation,  I asked about his flying background. Sensing my Australian accent he responded he had spent some time flying in Papua (which is the big island off the northern tip of Australia). Since that area had been part of my responsibility for airline and other operator support, prior to my move to the US, I asked who he had flown with. He responded that it was a small, not for profit operation I would probably not know, MAF.

To which I replied I had resigned from the board of MAF Australia, just a few months prior, as part of winding up affairs to make the move to the US.

We became good friends (to add to our already being brothers) and he helped enormously with getting us settled into a new church home, home group, and generally into the community.

How like our Father to place a fellow MAF-er in my path during those early days of settling into our new home country.

Dwight Fegley and Peter Lapthorne in the Pilatus PC 24

By Peter Lapthorne

MAF Advocate Dallas, TX

Mission2Serve 2019: Advocates in Haiti

You read it right, our mission is to serve!

Mission2Serve is an opportunity for Advocates and Church Partners to get their hands dirty while catching the vision of MAF. Bring your work gloves! We will be showing love and offering encouragement through completing those down and dirty projects that have taken a back seat to MAF’s mission of reaching the isolated. We will spend time with MAF pilots and national staff at the MAF hangar in Port au Prince. You will also have the opportunity to take a flight in a MAF airplane to a remote airstrip and learn more about those we serve.

The cost for the trip is $1,100 plus airfare. The deadline for registration and your down payment of $500 is June 1, 2019.

We have 10 spots available so don’t wait to secure yours! In the words of Kentucky Advocate, Melissa Hillard “if you’re waiting for a sign that you should go, this is it!”

Mission2Serve Registration